China Food Import Business

Since 2004, we have been leading the China food import business with a keen focus on quality, reliability, and excellence. With an experience of 19 years, our team has an unmatched understanding of the food import industry, market dynamics, and customs procedures. We specialize in the import of meat products, particularly beef and chicken, catering to the diverse needs of our domestic partners. Our comprehensive services cover everything from sourcing, shipping, customs clearance, to final distribution and delivery.

Meat Import Business

Our expertise lies in the meat import business. We understand the global meat market like no other. We source our products from reputable international suppliers who adhere to the highest standards of animal health, food safety, and ethical procedures. Whether it's beef, chicken, or other types of meat, our objective is to bring the finest produce to our customers in China.

Beef Imports

Our beef import business is robust and comprehensive. We work with certified beef suppliers from countries recognized for their superior beef quality. Our imports include various cuts and grades, satisfying the preferences of diverse customers. Our stringent quality checks ensure that the beef we import meets the highest food safety standards.

Chicken Imports

At our company, we are committed to importing high-quality chicken products from the best poultry farms around the world. Our chicken imports include whole chickens, chicken parts, and processed chicken products. We prioritize chicken products that are free of antibiotics and are reared under humane conditions.

Other Meat Imports

Beyond beef and chicken, we also import a variety of other meats to cater to the diverse palate of our clients. From succulent lamb to nutritious fish, our imports span a broad spectrum of choices. We guarantee the same level of quality and safety for all types of meat we import.





Domestic Distribution

We have a well-established domestic distribution network, ensuring that our imported meats reach the farthest corners of China in perfect condition. Our team works tirelessly to ensure a seamless distribution process, keeping a keen eye on maintaining product quality throughout.

Network and Coverage

Our domestic network covers the length and breadth of China, reaching major cities and remote areas alike. We are constantly expanding and refining our distribution channels to serve our customers better.


We have formed long-standing relationships with an array of domestic partners, including supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and catering services. These partnerships enable us to ensure that our imported products reach a wide consumer base.

Logistics and Import Arrangements

Our logistics and import arrangements are designed for efficiency and reliability. We handle all aspects of the logistics process, including shipping, customs clearance, and distribution, so our partners can focus on their core business.


We collaborate with top international shipping companies to ensure safe and timely transportation of our meat products. Our temperature-controlled shipping methods maintain the freshness and quality of our imports during transit.

Customs Clearance

With years of experience in the industry, we have mastered the customs clearance process in China. Our dedicated team stays updated with the latest import regulations and procedures to facilitate smooth customs clearance.

Distribution and Delivery

Once the products arrive in China, we undertake the task of distribution and delivery. With our well-structured logistics system, we ensure prompt delivery.

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